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How Axholme Firewood became the company it is today

The Axholme Firewood Company is one of the major log suppliers to Farm Shops, Garden Centres and domestic customers in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. However we did not start with chainsaws and logs, we actually started with lawnmowers and spades.

Mark Glew, the owner, started his career by training in landscape gardening and grounds maintenance at Bishop Burton College. Before long Mark was running a successful Grounds Maintenance business to both domestic and commercial clients.

During this time Mark noticed (as the owner of a wood burning stove) the increasing demand for high quality firewood. In 2010 Mark was offered the opportunity to start collecting waste kiln dried timber from the building trade.

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This was a perfect fit with his grounds maintenance business. The demand for firewood started to grow as the grass stopped growing. The winter of 2010 was the worst winter since 1963, a perfect time to move into firewood. There was certainly demand out there!

Axholme Firewood Company

Starting with supplying high quality kindling and briquettes, the Axholme Firewood Company came into being, and has been growing steadily ever since.  We source locally grown hardwood timber as a result of a  growing demand for a ‘Proper Log’.

This proved to be a popular move with over 50 tonnes of locally grown hardwood logs sold that season.

We have seen an increase in the number of shops being supplied by The Axholme Firewood Company. We are also the preferred log supplier to several stove installation companies and we have strong relationships with our current and new customers.

In April 2013, dismayed by the flimsy products on the market, we started to build and supply log stores. These have been a very successful addition to our product range. Our log stores are sold directly or through local stores.

We hope our inspiration for quality firewood and associated products is infectious and our commitment to our customers shines through.

Above all we are a family company with a passion for quality and a love of Mother Nature bringing us down to earth.

Contact us to find out more about how Axholme Firewood became the company it is today. Furthermore, we offer free local delivery on specified days of the week. Check out our delivery page for more information.

If you would like to check out some of the products that we have on offer, you can visit our online shop.


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