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Overview of our Firewood Products

We can offer you a selection of Firewood Products.

An overview of our Firewood Products:

Whilst seasoned logs can be cheaper and sourced locally, kiln dried logs offer a more satisfying log to burn. If you find a supplier that is reliable, selling a good DRY product with a regular reliable delivery service then that is hard to beat. But from what we hear from customers it’s all too common to find that the supply starts off good with dry logs but then either runs out too quickly or mixes softwood with hardwood, even mixing Poplar or Horse Chestnut in which give off hardly any heat making an expensive product. Not to mention the frustration of trying to get a fire going with wet logs!

Our Firewood Log History

We started off supplying seasoned hardwood logs, we ran out one January and couldn’t get another suitable supply for the rest of that winter. We decided to try kiln dried and have stuck with it ever since. The quality and consistency are paramount to our business consequently this has put us in front of our competitors within our delivery area. Customers can purchase our logs in builders bags which are: .7 of a cubic metre in volume. Seasoned logs were sold in cubic metres however our customers tell us that a builders bag of kiln dried logs lasts as long as a cubic metre of seasoned.

We have developed our range of logs and Firewood Products to include:

Hardwood Logs – All of our hardwood logs are kiln dried, guaranteed to be under 20% moisture content. Species are Silver Birch, Ash, Beech and Oak. A builders bag lasts on average 4-5 weeks during peak winter, a great Winter Firewood Product.


ashlog1 Firewood Large Kiln Dried Ash Logs


kilnoak Kiln Dried Oak Logs

Softwood Logs – A popular choice for Summer time. These are suitable for chimineas and firepits. These softwood logs are air dried to around 20% moisture. Species are Douglas Fir, Larch and Scots Pine


net kindling Firewood

Our kindling is made from timber sourced from the building trade. It is kiln dried softwood.

Natural Firelighters

firelighters Firewood Natural Firelighters

These are made from “wood wool”. Wood Wool is long shavings of wood bound together with candlewax. These are perfect to use with our kindling. They light easily, burn hot and last about 10 minutes plenty of time to get a fire hot

Seasoned logs

Seasoned logs are air dried for at least a year, after being cut and split.They cannot be guaranteed to have a certain moisture content.

Suppliers often run out of dry logs during peak season due to demand and not being able to dry logs quickly enough.

If seasoned logs are too wet they will not produce heat as they are burning the moisture off before giving out any heat.

We source our seasoned logs locally.


Guaranteed under 20% moisture.Consistent quality throughout the year.

Stove manufacturers often specify using kiln dried logs to honour their warranty therefore these logs are perfect for your stove.

Mostly imported with a few UK producers.

High heat output, with a clean burn, ensuring your chimney stays as clean as possible.

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